Whether you are an individual, large corporation, partnership, limited liability Company, trustee and executor or a tax exempt entity, George A Vasiliou LLC Law Office can help you plan your transactions in order to maximize tax benefits

Whether you are implementing a new business venture, guiding a business through its start up phase or directing the sale or dissolution of a business or its assets, we can identify and plan for the associated tax consequences to help you reach your goals. The mix of accounting and legal professionals in our team allows us to have an in-depth understanding on practical business decisions and operations and advising clients of tax implications on their business decisions

As a tax planning tool Cyprus can be used as an excellent tax regime for international tax planning. Its entry into the European Union as of 01 May 2004 has further enhanced the attraction of Cyprus for multinational companies, increasingly using Cyprus as a base for their international trading, financing, holding, investing and other operations. It is the perfect location for those wishing to invest into Europe, as well as for those wishing to invest from Europe. The tax system has been reformed as from 01 January 2003 and the tax legislation is EU and OECD compatible. Currently, Cyprus companies enjoy the lowest taxation in the EU.

Tax effects of a transaction often have an enormous effect on whether it makes economic sense to move forward with a proposed transaction. George A Vasiliou LLC Law Office can assist in:

  • Cross border business organizations, reorganizations and financing
  • Asset protection planning
  • Organizing multinational joint Ventures
  • Partnership structuring
  • Advise of tax consequences on Real Estate transactions
  • Tax Law and Litigation

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