George A Vasiliou LLC Law Office provides timely, practical advice to local and international clients on recovery of debts to ensure that early recovery is maximised when at all possible. We are very aware of the inconvenience businesses face “throwing good money after bad” but we can tailor a debt recovery approach to suit your needs. We provide the full range of debt recovery services including:

  •  Locating debtors in the Republic of Cyprus on behalf of local and international clients
  •  Issuing letters of demand for payment of monies
  •  Filing and serving legal proceedings to recover the monies
  •  Negotiating commercial resolutions
  •  Enforcing a Judgment of the court against the debtors
  •  Freezing assets prior to litigation
  • Making applications in the Court to place a corporation into liquidation or an individual into bankruptcy.

An important consideration in this area of practice is pragmatism. Going to court does not always guarantee the recovering of your debt and your costs if the defendant has no or insufficient funds. George A Vasiliou LLC Law Office can assist you in making the best choices. Whatever the situation is, we always have the same goal in providing the best, most cost-effective service for our clients    

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