George A Vasiliou LLC Law Office maintains strong links with all sectors of shipping and maritime law and the firm is specialised in all shipping-related fields of law including; ship finance, litigation and admiralty, providing rich practical knowledge and experience in advising its clients.

Maritime clients turn to our office for their legal needs in relation to:

  • Domestic and International arbitrations and dispute resolution
  • Insurance coverage opinions
  • Regulatory compliance of vessel registrations, purchase and sales
  • Resolution of statutory fines and penalties
  • Maritime contract negotiations drafting and litigation
  • Registration of ships and yachts
  • Transfer of ownership procedures
  • Registration of shipping companies under the Cypriot flag
  • Ship finance
  • Cargo Claims
  • Shipbuilding agreements
  • Towage agreements

Owners of all types of vessels, from pleasure yachts to passenger cruise ships, tankers and oil rigs, may register such vessels under the Cypriot flag and take advantage of the various benefits, particularly fiscal, available under Republic of Cyprus law.

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